Legratec.  My langs:

   Fukhian: L3 G4 T2 C5 P5 S5 = 24

      P5: Its not perfect, but done.  It will not change.
      S5: Although the script might be extended, the letters for Fukhian
          are done.  It's like Latin for Latin, it's done, no matter which
          other languages might use Latin with whatever additional glyphs
          or diacritics.

      - One text: the beginning of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
      - Fukhian has a word for 'alkaline earth metal': 'xodbag',
        'xod' = 'fire', 'bag' = 'metall'.
        'caesium' is 'cadxodbag' [SatXOdbak], which is
        a misnomer, because 'caesium' is no alkaline earth metal, but
        an alkali metal and 'alkali metal' is 'beisbag' in Fukhian...
        ('beis' = 'lye')
      - Fukhian also has a word for 'cockatoo': 'gxalyd' and for
        'Vodka' = 'xemaic'

   Tyl Sjok: L2 G4 T1 C5 P5 S4 = 21

      P5: Complete!  (Ok, maybe not the pitch tone system...)
      S4: Script is theoretically done, but some 150 glyphs for the
          semantic part are missing to make it complete.

      - My only lang with a full Northwind and Sun translation.

   Qthen|gai: L1 G4 T2 C5 P4 S4 = 20

      - The script is that of Fukhian, also with a totally different
        mapping.  However, I'm not fully content with that.
      - This is *very* hard to translate into due to the very
        different structure compared to my other known langs even with
        Lisp doing part of the hard job.  And presumably it's not much
        more easy to translate from this, either.

   De Mätz se Basa: L1 G3 T2 C5 P3 S5 = 17

      - My only lang with a Babel text translation.

A chose C5 for all langs, because there is and will never be any
conculture, so it is complete by now for all languages. :-) Actually,
I am not too content with C being part of the rating of general

To measure the steadiness and lifetime, I'd propose an R rating (haha)
for 'relay': the number of relay a lang has been used in:

  Fukhian:         R0
  Tyl-Sjok:        R1
  Qthen|gai:       R1
  De Mätz se Basa: R0 (will hopefully be R1 soon)

I think R is interesting, because languages differ considerably in the
time of being developed, and many usages in relays seems to indicate
that a lang is old *and* has been developped during that time.  Only
if it is developped, I think, people use it it relays.  My own langs
are awfully underdevelopped in this sense as you can see.