--- Mike Ellis skrzypszy:

> >Very nice, very nice.  I like your use of HM's Thyromanes font,
> >but am wondering, why didn't you take advantage of its IPA
> >portion, rather than using X-Sampa in your phonology table and
> >elsewhere?
> Honestly it didn't even occur to me. I learned CXS through this
> list before I learned the IPA itself, and I'm still more
> comfortable in CXS (even transcribe on paper in CXS with all the at

> signs and capital letters etc). It would look better with the IPA
> symbols, wouldn't it...

Undoubtedly. But like you, I learnt CXS before it even existed ;) ,
and before I learnt IPA. And there's also another thing: not
everybody has Thryomanes or other Unicode fonts installed on his
computer, in which case all those IPA characters will be represented
as boxes or something similar. Now at least you can be sure that
people see it the way you want them to see it.


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