If I come through a little fretful, that is not the intention,
but helpfulness.  I have a full cold and can hardly express
myselfin *Swedish*!

Mike Ellis wrote:

> After way, way too long, I've finally gotten around to putting up my
> website for the Rhean language. There's a few sections still under
> construction, but most of it is there.
> It's at
> Enjoy! Let me know what you all think about the site, the language, whatever
> else.
> M

While the g-hacek and k-hacek are cool one way to get around the
encoding fuss would be to use _q_ and _x_ for these sounds.
I do in Sohlob and am very satisfied.(*)  Sure most people
mispronounce them at first, but then a con-transliteration
shouldn't be made for most people, but for conlangers who don't
expect every non-English sound to be flagged by an axxented
letter or -h digraph (which is not to say that Klingon could be
more dyslectic-friendly! :)

Otherwise it's excellent!

(* By using _ae, dj, sj, tj_ rather than _, j, , c_ I get
an ASCII safe alternative transliteration.  _AE_ breaks vowel-
harmony, so it is not a possible vowel-sequence.  As for the others
_j_ is used only in these digraphs in the ASCII-safe transliteration.
OTOH I've choosen always to write /J/ as _ny_, since I found myself
messing up /J Jdz\ N/ and their transliterations no end.  Better to
have a transliteration with no _nj_ or __!)


/BP 8^)
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