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> --- Pascal A. Kramm skrzypszy:
>> >I should probably add that I live in the Netherlands, too. In the
>> >town of Zaandam, to be precise.
>> Doesn't say me anything... could you name any major town that's
>> close to it? (Eindhoven, Venlo, Nijmegen ...)
>Amsterdam. Zaandam is immediately Northwest of Amsterdam.

Ah. Now that's clear enough.

>> >I sort of knew that; actually, I was wondering about the city. I'm
>> >a regular guest in the Ruhrgebiet myself, because my mother-in-law
>> >lives in Essen.
>> That's just a cat jump from where I live, Dortmund.
>Indeed. As a matter of fact, I have some very close friends in
>Dortmund whom I always visit when in Germany. Next time I'll go there
>I'll let you know.

Sure, why not.

> --- Philip Newton skrzypszy:
>> > That with the y being vowel was clear, but there are still two
>> > very nasty consonant clusters left: "skrz" and "psz".
>> Wenedyk uses Polish spelling, basically, where |rz| and |sz| are
>> digraphs for /Z/ and /S/, respectively. With devoicing after
>> unvoiced stops, I'd say that those two are /skS/ and /pS/,
>> respectively, which are not quite as daunting IMO -- the second
>> even occurs in German, e.g. in "grapschen" or (for me, at least)
>> "hübsch".
>Hole in one, again! All I can add is that |skrz|, normally indeed
>pronounced /skS/, in some (particularly southern) dialects sounds
>rather like /SkS/.

Inside of a word (between vowels), that wouldn't be too hard, but at the
beginning of a word it only makes a knot into my tongue...

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