>Also, is the Spanish ll (in the accents where it sounds similar to /dZ/) /z*/
>or /L/?

In at least some it actually is [dZ)]. I'm not sure what you mean by
'/z*/', the star isn't a Sampa, X-Sampa or CXS modifier character. You
may be thinking in a different ASCII IPA scheme.

Yeah, sorry, I was using Carr. (which is the scheme I usally use).  I don't know Sampa's version but it the symbol looks like "lz" or [lZ] to be more accurate.  I don't even know what [z*] sounds like, I just threw it out there because the way I pronounced it (based on the description) was like the spanish ll.  I'm not the best at reading descriptions and it took me years to understand the difference between Carr. [a] and [A].  What I usually do is find wikipedia and look up languages that I know have the sound I'm looking for.  (In fact, I've tried finding the ll on wikipedia, but it had [L] and I'm pretty sure [L] sounds somewhat like [lj], and as you know, ll is perhaps the most controversial letter among the Spanish dialects)