Greetings, TEI community!

You might be aware that Syntext Serna, the XSL-on-the-fly
rendering XML editor also supports TEI.

We have just released Serna V2.1 beta with two major usability
enhancement features:

- Custom Content Insertion Commands.
  The ability to create commands/buttons that insert content produced
  from customizable and context-sensitive templates. For example,
  insert "hi", "p", and, depending on the current cursor
  position, "list" or "item".

- XSLT Stylesheet Parameter Sets.
  The ability to change values of top-level stylesheet parameters and
  to switch between parameter sets while editing the document (for
  example, changing font sizes or switching draft mode on and off).

We are kindly asking you to download Serna trial, and let us know what
other most frequently used content insertion buttons (e.g. "hi", "p",
"list", etc.), and predefined XSLT parameter sets (for example,
"default" and "clean") we should add to the distribution.

For more details see:

Fully-functional free trial is available at:

Please e-mail comments and suggestions for improvements to
[log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask] mailing list.

-- Syntext team

Syntext Serna Highlights:

With Serna, general users and professional authors alike can create and
maintain complex XML documents. With minimal training, most people will
find it as easy to use as a conventional word processor.

    * Designed for use with complex industrial DTD/Schemas like
      DocBook, TEI, and DITA
    * On-the-fly XSL-driven XML rendering and transformation
      (using XSLT and XSL-FO subsets)
    * On-the-fly document validation against XML Schemas
    * XML catalog support
    * Large document support
    * Fully customizable GUI
    * Table support (XSL FO, CALS)
    * Multilingual (UNICODE) support
    * Spell checking
    * Available for Microsoft Windows(TM), Linux, Mac OS X.