> >In the case with stylesheets+Serna, we do connect stylesheet and Serna by
> >means of configuration files, and we do intend using them as a single
> >program, because user does not see where Serna ends and stylesheets start.
> >These two are not just residing side-by-side...
> >
> but how do you reference the stylesheets? I assume you
> do so by file name, rather then compiling them into
> the binary code in some way.

I agree with you at least that the question is confusing and ambiguous.

And this is the questionable (confusing) point even in this FAQ. It

"What constitutes combining two parts into one program? This is a
legal question, which ultimately judges will decide."

And I am sure there is no company that wants the situation where "judges
decide" to happen even potentially. And therefore they will avoid
including code that may be interpreted not by "mere aggregation"...

> >Why don't you like LGPL?
> >
> >
> hmm. perhaps it _would_ do the job we want.
> I need to think some more about this.

Yes, LGPL is just fine for this case. But Apache license is even better :)

> And thanks very much for this discussion. It is
> extremely useful to me in my OSS Watch capacity
> to have a debate about licensing and how commercial
> firms like yours interact with an open source project.
> This sort of situation _is_ confusing, and well worth
> getting right.

Thank you, I agree. The most important thing that TEI and the ability
to handle it stays open and at the same time has no obstacles in the
distribution growth.

Ilia Kuznetsov