I would like to know,

When a consonant is fricative or trilled, it can be continued as long we want. Is there any languages that has some words that are only consonants without vowels? A little word that is only a rolled [r], a [s], a [v], without the vowel releasing. It would be conceivable.

Because, I would like to do this, some little words could only be a consonant. And there are so much of consonants that can be used that way that I would can make a complete table of correlative with a combination of two of these isolated consonants.

Can someone tell me if that kind of thing is used somehow?

Generally, consonant always means that there is vowel pasted to, but why? when we want to teach the pronounciation of something that contains a non-plosive consonants, we may prolonge it without add a vowel to show the sound. "When you see a 'j' in spanish, you must pronounce [x]"

That makes a sounds, it is recognizable: it's enough...

Someone thinks like me?