Paul Bennett scripsit:
> I had mentioned before that I had been tempted to ask John to lock the
> list for a week or so, last time things got heated.
> Well, here I am, officially asking that it be done. I'll miss the list
> while it's gone, but I shan't miss the arguments.

I'm not going to do that *yet*.  Certain participants have been warned in
private.  (Those who haven't been warned yet should consider whether
they would like to be.)

> Let's be stricter on the No Cross No Crown rule in future, please. Perhaps
> we ought to start a Yahoo group for the discussions that venture into that
> territory?

It's not a rule, in the sense of one I enforce.  I encourage sensitive
and thoughtful discussions of touchy issues.  I don't encourage rudeness
and pigheadedness.

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