Dear All,

I have tried unsucessfully to create an attractive, professional font for
my conlangs. I was hoping that someone interested in that challenge of
creating a unique and interesting fonts with a sound knowledge of such
programs as Fontmaker would be able to help me FREE of charge.

I am looking to create a font for two of my most recent languages:

Firstly, an as yet unnamed, germanic style language (and its offshoots)
that I have been slowly developing over the last two or three years. In
this case I have already half developed a writing system and I need help
taking it from the page to the screen.

Secondly, a more recent, more sophistocated, partially isolating language
(still in its infancy!) whose writing system I have not yet even thought
about - except that I would perhaps like it to resemble Arabic. I'm hoping
that someone would even be able to work with me to create the WHOLE writing
system, bringing in their own work and ideas.

I would be only to happy to provide more details about the languages
themselves, or even submit a copy of the entire grammar in Word or Acrobat

I'm aware that I'm being hopelessly naive, but it never hurts to ask! :)