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Shaul Vardi wrote:

+AD4- Itzik Azizi -
+AD4- Sabe qu'el waz3o en Ukra'ina es muy sa3ab. insha'alla va ser salaam i
+AD4- calma en Ukra'ina i en toda la dunya+ACE-

I'm impressed+ACE- At least it is understandable, though maybe ungrammatical in
some places +ADs-)
+AF8-Sabe+AF8- - do you mean 3sn.PRES or 2sn.IMPER ? Neither makes much sense. If
you wanted to say +ACI-I know+ACI- (1sn.PRES), in Spanish it is +AF8-s+AOkAXw-, in Portuguese
it is +AF8-sei+AF8-, ergo in Ajami it is +AF8-sey+AF8- +BjMGTgZK- . I have found the word +BjUGOQYo- as a
borrowing neither is Farsi, nor in other +ACI-control languages+ACI-. So, instead I
would use +BisGQgZKBkQ- +AF8-taqilo+AF8-. As for +AF8-salamo+AF8-, in this world it can only +AF8-estar+AF8-,
not +AF8-ser+AF8-. The same is true about +ACI-situations+ACI-.

So, my version looks like this:
- in Arabic script:
+BicGRg- +BicGSAZDBjEGJwYmBkoGRgZH- +BicGSg- +BicGRg- +BioGSAYv- +BicGRAYvBkYGSgYnACE- +BiEgDg-
- in Latin script:
Sey ke el wa+AXwAsw-o en Ukra+ALI-ina est+AOE- muy taqilo. En+AWE-all+AOE- baya estar salamo i
kalma en Ukra+ALI-ina i en todo el dony+AOEAIQ-

+AF8-Baya +AF8- is subjunctive in this case. +AF8-Dony+AOEAXw- is masculine.

+AD4- +AFs-BTW, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks after returning to the
+AD4- list after several years away. Couldn't resist though when I saw Itzik's
+AD4- Conlang+AF0-.

Welcome back+ACE- It seems you've been away for long time: I'm here since
December 2001, but I don't remember you+ACE- Anyway, m+AOE-qdamo en +BFs-eyro, +ALM-azizi+ACE-

-- Yitzik