Mark Reed wrote:

> I'm trying to learn some Amharic, since
> I found out our neighborhood convenience
> store owner is Ethiopian...
> Any pointers to resources would be appreciated.
> Books are fine, although I'd prefer a reference
> grammar type.

The only "teach yourself"-type course in English that I know of is
"Colloquial Amharic" by David Appleyard, in Routledge's "Colloquial"
series. There is a nice-looking, fairly inexpensive Amharic-English and
English-Amharic dictionary available by the great German Amharicist Wolf
Leslau, who also has a textbook and a ludicrously expensive (but
magnificent) reference grammar put out by an academic publishing house
in Germany.

You can also listen to Amharic news here (as I like to do, even though I
don't understand a word, because I like the sound!):