Oh Ray!  I could hug you.  Alright, I won't be THAT American! :)  Accept a
high five, you, me, Charlie, everybody else.  Thanks for your response.

Indeed, I hope we can all look at a comment (myself included) and see in it
neutrality before we see in it a personal snipe, or a rejection, or an
underhanded meaning, or a perceived blasphemy.  And you know something about
the beloved Church and doctrine, whichever one we believe in or worship in?
or don't? or  reject? :)  It will withstand disagreements about theology.
It will withstand disagreement about passages in the Bible.  It will even
withstand blasphemy and rejection.   It has for two thousand years.  Blood
has been shed over these things, but let's not shed any here.  We need to
withstand *ourselves.*

Faith in the strength of our faith is enough, I think.

> I hope Sally has noticed that I have not responded to certain other mails
> in recent threads - I have heeded her words about wrestling with certain
> creatures      ;)

Heh heh heh!  ;)  Yep!  I noticed!