On Monday 06 December 2004 19:56, H. S. Teoh wrote:

 > It appears that the recent lack of status updates on
 > Tatari Faran has left so much despair on the list that
 > people (including myself :-P) have been driven to
 > religious/political flaming. To counteract this sad state
 > of affairs, allow me to bring you this latest news from
 > the volcanoes of Fara. ;-)
 > [ lots of interesting stuff snipped ]

Lol, right you are. Here are my two cents :-P

I wanted to tell you that currently, I'm trying to
write a course for my conlang. Some people over at the ZBB
have asked me to do so. I hope that booklet will be
finished so far until February 2005 -- after all, there's
still Real Life™! Anyway, it'll surely boost my vocabulary
inventory and blow away my lazyness regarding conculturing.
At least I hope so ;-) As for the vocabulary stuff I
recently posted, you'll see more of this in any case, but
ATM, I haven't got the time for it, sorry.

See you,

* now with _completely new designed_ front page!
* updated dictionary _and_ the German version of the _grammar_!