I just have a couple of questions about Icelandic, Finnish and English.

How is <v> pronounced in Icelandic? I gather that <kv> is pronounced
[kw], but listening to an Icelandic band with it seems less than
brilliant clarity (Sigur Rós), some other cases of <v> seem to be [v],
some [w] and some silent. (I suppose I shouldn't complain too
much---some cases of English <w> are [v], some [w], others silent, and
some participate in digraphs. But on the other hand, all our <w>=[v] are

Are Finnish unvoiced stops aspirated? Has its pronunciation been
influenced particularly under the influnce of Germanic languages and
Swedish in particular?

A lot of older English texts with otherwise apparently modern spelling
spell 'diverse' as 'divers'. When did the final -e become usual?