FYI, here's a contemporary news story on what happened to the 'Square
Grouper' wreck.

Also, two items on Hurrican Ivan damage on Grand Cayman.

The first is a photo I took of two large Norfolk Island Pines that were in
Georgetown.  They had ~90% of their limbs stripped off by the winds; only
the limbs sticking out "downwind" to the west remained, which made a sort of
weathervane to show which way the winds came from. Also note that the tops
of both trees were also sheared off:

The second is a photo of a building in the Industrial Zone that you drive
through when going to/from the airport.  What's not plainly evident in this
photo is that the left side of the building has been *lifted* up 3-4 feet,
including its previously buried foundation.
Or just the photo itself:

Another photo I'm looking for is of a "pretzeled" brass weathervane:  all
four of its compass points (NSEW) now point due West.