Marv writes:
> What is most striking is that with all this damage, is it
> right to say _no one_ was killed anywhere in the CI because of this?

There was one fatality:  a man died from chest injuries received when the
Bodden Town Civic Centre Shelter lost its roof.

There was also at least one storm related death.  74 year-old Osley Ebanks
was reported missing shortly after the passage of hurricane Ivan; his body
was found in vicinity of the Mangrove at West Bay in mid-October.  Residents
said they believed he had gone to look for his boat.

In the meantime, Cayman's been getting hit with what's now been a series of
Earthquakes.  They had a magnitude 6.0 earthquake on 9 September (just
before Ivan), a magnitude 4.3 on November 20th, three last Tuesday (6.8, 4.7
& 4.4), plus a 4.4 on the Richter scale yesterday.  All of them have been
20-35 miles to the Southwest-to-Southeast of Georgetown.