Marv writes:

> Inspecting the shot further, it looks like it its aground in the
> Owen island lagoon close to Little Cayman Beach Resort.

Its fairly close to LCBR, but not Owen Island.  The 'lagoon' is the light
blue water that's visible on the far side of the white line of surf on the
reef.  Hence, the darker blue waters that its sitting in are just outside of
South Hole Sound.

The boat's exact location as of when this photo was taken was in the seaward
approach to the Inlet, fortunately slightly to the western (downwind) side.
By the next day, it had moved another ~50ft to the West and was "mostly" out
of the approach to the channel, but because it rocked over and put its masts
underwater, it actually became a greater navigational hazard, as it was then
harder to spot.

It has since broken up, and Cayman Environmental was seen towing
semi-floating chunks of the boat around the western tip of the
island...they're presumably taking them up to Salt Rocks where it can be
lifted out of the water (and disposed of ahshore).  The Environmental boat
isn't big enough to lift heavy pieces (such as the weighted keel), nor would
they probably have bothered to do this for chunks that could sink...they
probably would have just towed them due South off the closest drop-off and
let it drop into deep water (this is how they got rid of the old dock at the
Brac, etc).

> How are things in the North side, breezy?

They had a ~2 week long stint of Northerly winds just before Thanksgiving
week.  Thanksgiving week was fine, but the week after, the winds again
shifted around to blow 'Down the Slot' and make the Northside rough.   The
winds were stiff enough to chilled you out after a dive before you could
even get your wetsuit off and dried off.  Winter's definitely arrived in