2005-01-06 kl. 18.07 skrev Wayne S. Rossi:
> I do think there is a potential market for small-budget independent
> films in Esperanto; with DVD releases, you could reach a reasonable
> audience (and get some curious non-Esperantists with subtitle tracks)
> that you could not in the '60s.

I have had similar ideas regarding Interlingua, but I suppose one can
discuss it with any IAL in mind. Could one make a niche for one's
language for a certainn kind of litterature or films (on DVD).
Providing subs in a given IAL. You have got to have competent people.
How many will understand full-fledged Interlingua or Esperanto in that
niche community?

Another interesting question is: Can a given language support films and
DVD:s, and how many?

I would say that this relates to what I wrote some time ago about
exiled writers in Sweden. They are more interested in chosing Swedish
thatn in writing in an IAL.

Kjell R