For Chatiga, McGuffey's First Reader Lessons 7-9 are now avaiable.

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Lesson VII.

[Illustration of boy feeding chicken]

Ned has fed the hen.
  Ned wanu ci-channa chewo a etca.
(Ned *present perfect* she-hen gift to food)

She is a black hen.
  Ci nu ci-channa chuar.
(she *present* hen black)

She has left the nest.
  Ci wanu nica les.
(she *present perfect* nest leave/departure)

See the eggs in the nest!
  Num plu ec nica-in sefni!
(*imperative* *plural* egg nest-in look)

Will the hen let Ned get them?
  Ci-channa ir Ned derf a sa nim ka?
(she-hen *future* permission to they take *question*)

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Lesson VIII.

[Illustration of boy and girl with man in the background.
Boy wears an oversized top hat.]

Let me get the black hat.
  Jem nu chat chuar derf a nim.
(I *present* hat black permission to take)

Now Ned has it on his head, and he is a big man.
  Je Ned id lacha kof af iz, an iz manna meiz siza.
(now Ned it position head of he, and he man much size)

Come, Nat, see the big man
  Num krchum, Nat, num manna meiz siza sefni
(*imperative* arrival, Nat, *imperative* man much size look)

with his black hat.
  med chat chuar af iz.
(with hat black of he)

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Lesson IX. Efta-Sefni. (Review/back-look)
Please translate.

Ned is on the box. He has a pen in his hand.

A big rat is in the box. Can the dog catch the rat?

Come with me, Ann, and see the man with a black hat on his head.

The fat hen has left the nest. Run, Nat, and get the eggs.

Slate Work

[Begin cursive script]
The cat ran. Ann ran.

The man has a hat.

[End cursive script]


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