We're encoding a correspondence which has never been edited, nor has it been
published in book form. We are writing abstracts as part of the electronic
edition, and consider the abstracts, as well as the keywords (which clearly
do go in the header), as metainformation. Thus we did not feel it was
appropriate to include the abstracts as part of the text itself.

We also had some trouble deciding where to include the abstract, but finally
decided on <note type="abstract"> in the <noteStmt>


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I dont think I agree that an abstract is metadata in the same way as other
of the header are, in the case where you are encoding a current article in
It seems to me that it's part of the front matter, just as the title page,
prefatory matter, etc. of a printed book would be. It's part of the article,
surely. You might want to record in the header something *about* the
abstract (e.g. keywords not actually given in the abstract) and that *would*
metadata in the sense I understand it, I agree.

When I come to make my electronic edition of the collected articles of D.
ODonnell, I will definitely include the abstracts you wrote as part of the
themselves: adding my own assessment in the header...

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> Would abstracts in a tei-header appear as p under projectDesc? I've been
> trying lately in my sheets to avoid entering information twice. In
> transforming out of tei to xhtml, for example, I've been using the
> teiHeader//title for both html:head/title and html/body/h1.
> I'm now looking for a way of including abstracts. Since abstracts are in
> one sense metainformation, I was thinking of trying to encode them in
> the teiheader.
> Advice?
> Sorry for the fragmentary nature of this question.
> -dan
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