The chord question might be interestingly approached from the perspective
of the one-handed user.

Someone once wrote to me off list:

<quote>Oh, if we could remake the interface!  (I'd love to be able to
keyboard one-handedly, leaving the other to point.)</quote>

Don't some of us do that already? In a Windows environment I will set up
the mouse on the left hand side and navigate or invoke commands with a
combo of cursor movement, mouse clicks and keyboard short cuts.

For Emacs it sits on the right. It only becomes apparent now that the left
hand gets a fine workout in Unix interfaces. Could those chords have a
piano playing origin?

Peter wrote:

> In the Emacs configuration I'm developing, I am trying to eliminate
> chords (keystroke sequences) for most common editing tasks.  At the
> moment I have an "extreme" configuration that binds safe-buffer to
> Ctrl-s, which is "save file" in many (most?) applications, and I also
> have a different, less extreme configuration that binds it to F1,
> leaving Ctrl-s free for its default meaning of isearch-forward.

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