Lou Burnard wrote:
> It is legal to have a space in a <sic> certainly, but I think ill-advised.
> The tag you want is <gap/>

This is something that I've always wondered about.  The description of
<gap> is "(omitted material) indicates a point where material has been
omitted in a transcription, whether for editorial reasons described in
the TEI header, as part of sampling practice, or because the material is
illegible or inaudible." ( )

It is not Dot omitting this material as part of the transcription, and
most of the examples suggest that this is a gap made by the editor,
transcriber or encoder.

However, "If the source text is completely illegible or missing, and new
text is supplied to fill the gap, it should be marked as <supplied>."

Does that imply she should just be doing <supplied>R</supplied> ?

Dr James Cummings, Oxford Text Archive, University of Oxford
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