Žewthaj would give something like:

'it,yiy4 yiliw1fan4 t,ha3 mat,yiy4 tamew3fan4t,yiy4

(The comma indicates a cedilla under the previous consonant.  The numbers
indicate tones normally written as marks over the vowels in romanization:  1
= no mark, 2 = macron, 3 = acute accent, 4 = grave accent.)

Clause 1:  ['1_L.ji:_F.ji_L.r\_au:_M.Ban_F]
first person

Clause 2:  [ts)a_M_R.ma_L.dZi:_F.ta_LmOU_M_R.Ban_F.dZi:_F]
that.second person

I assumed both participants are male.  Replace the appropriate occurance of
"t,yiy4" with "s,iw1" [Su:_M] to get a female.


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