>From: Scotto Hlad <[log in to unmask]>
>I'm looking for some lists of very affixes to help me develop nouns for my
>new conlang. Does anyone know of any lists of affixes that might designate
>different forms of nouns?
>stem + affix1 = a tool
>stem + affix2 = a place.
>I'm looking for the categories that the affixes would designate.
>Any direction would be helpful.

That's more or less what noun classes do.  The Bantu noun classes are an OK
example, but if you have access to information on them, Athapaskan noun
classes are even closer to what you're looking for, I think.  A given stem
can exist in a couple of classes with different meanings.

What's the context, though?  What else do you have in the conlang?


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