Emaelivpeith Mark J. Reed:
> "Non sapevo che tu fossi filosofo".  This is Italian for
> "I didn't know that you were a philosopher".
> I also thought it'd make a good translation exercise, especially for a
> romlang. :)

No romlang here either, but the translation into Asha'ille:

Kr'llavpeni ne jhor'aet t'pejhiva lli.

/,kr\El@_X'lAvpEni nE Zor\'et tE,PEZIvAl@_X'lI/

kre llav -p- -ni ne jhor aet* te pejhiva'lli

NEG know PAST SELF OBJ COP you* COP philosopher

* This pronoun is insulting in this particular context.


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