I'm not a native speaker; I forgot a morpheme:

> Mark J. Reed wrote:
> > "I didn't know that you were a philosopher".
>In Qthyn|gai:

Ksyndtriru||kusty ngyrqqln||gyhhaingindy`n|auxky.

> Word 2:

 ng         y    rq       (n/a) ...
 evidence   case class     val ...
 perception PAT  give-life P* ...

 ql(/a) ||ky   hh(w/y)a(k/i) ngi  ndy`    n|au  xky
 stem     affix  affix         affix affix   affix  stem
 life     aorist connote       think to-last person 2

 (w/y) and (k/i) is also both hybrid phonemes.  (w/y) is
 dropped, (k/i) changes /a/ to /ai/ here.

'Philosopher' is thus literally: 'a person who (duratively) thinks
about the connotation/meaning of the timeless [concept of] life.'  There
is also a stem 'to exist' in Qthyn|gai, but maybe I'll replace it by
life+aorist.  We'll see.