I've started adding our jargon to my FAQ page, so I'll share my
"historical documents" with you as I finish up the section.

Emaelivpeith Sally Caves:
> > ANADEW - A Natlang Already Does it, Except Worse
>     "Another Natlang Already Done it Even Worse."  Important to keep
>     that spiffy grammatical spin in there. :)

ANADEW was originally coined as "A Natlang's Already Dunnit Except Worse"
by H. S. Teoh on March 5th, 2003:

> > Maggelity - The property of being utterly horrific, yet allegedly regular
> I thought Maggelity meant the property of being utterly horrific because
> NOTHING is regular in the language; it only lures you into thinking it is
> regular.  Based on Christophe's invention Maggel.  We're back to "Irish
> Gaelic is Evil!"

The terms "Maggelity" and its cousin "Etabnannery" (pronounced
[r@mn&n@ri]) were both coined by Muke Tever on July 10th, 2002:

And Tristan McLeay defined them the next day as "the state of being
entirely unpredictable" and "the state of appearing entirely
unpredictable, but, upon closer analysis, failing at even being that,"

> Paul, do you have any memory of who coined what?  I remember someone coming
> up with ANADEW.  I'm not sure I'm the author of AFMCL, but I think I
> suggested something like this in 1998.   When I was I committing it so
> often.

Sally, you are indeed the coiner of AFMCL, on November 14, 1998:

I'm still working on researching all the various *lang terms. :)


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