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> Gary Shannon <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > I can see now that the biggest problem is going to
> be
> > selecting the best set of components or "pen
> strokes"
> > for building glyphs out of.  By the time I
> assembled a
> > set that was able to build duplicates of the Roman
> > alphabet, the Greek alphabet, and the Cyrillic
> > alphabet, plus literally millions of other
> characters
> > not found in any of those alphabets, I had 140
> > separate components.
> I wonder if it'll be able to do Cherokee ;)
> That script certainly *looks* like it was put
> together out of pieces
> of other alphabets (which is essentially the case).


Excellenbt question!  And a great test case for my
working components sets.  In fact, I have a large
plastic laminated card with the Cheokee alphabet on it

Thanks for the idea.