Emaelivpeith caeruleancentaur:
> Has anyone written a sentence in his conlang(s) that contains all the
> phonemes in the conlang?  I'm still working on mine.

I wrote this sentence to have an example of all the letters in my
alphabet -- but since the alphabet has letters for each phoneme, it
serves the same purpose. :) Note that the English translation is so
much longer because some of the Asha'ille words employ connotations or
complex ideas that don't have a direct English translation with the
exact meanings the Asha'ille words have.

_Kateinu yiréb 'sa migh, zalojhaiv lnad feipám eg shath dho'o, mlchishe jo._

/kA'teinu jI'r\Eb sA mix zAlo'ZAiv l~=Ad fei'pAm Eg SAT DO'?O ml~)=tSISE dZo/

"Regarding that challenging, instructive alphabet writing assignment,
your students — saddened and dreading to admit this — have not
completed it, my teacher."


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