On Monday 28 February 2005 04:49 +0100, Jonathan Chang

 > It seems that I am not getting all the Conlang email I
 > should be getting from the email system I have.
 > Is there some way to check this? Solve this?
 > Thanx...

I might be a little too late, but maybe your mail provider
supports a web-login where you can switch on and off a spam
filter. This is at least the case for *my* provider,[1]. The system's spam filter first blocked most mails
from people from this list, and because I was too lazy
always to check if all mails arrived on my pc, I switched
to a MIME Digest subscription. The advantage is that you
receive all mails from *one* address each day at midnight
GMT-5. You're not completely up-to-date, but you still get
all the information. And if you want to be the first one to
comment on something, there's still the weblogin at


[1] my domain name is, but I adjusted my
account at my homepage's host so that emails are mirrored
to beckerscarsten &t web dQt de since my webhost does not
provide webmail access but only to adjust your account and
have an overview over statistics and such via a weblogin.

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