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Mark epenom:


> I've read various descriptions of Volapük

> pronunciation, and some say that |c| is [tS],

> some say [dZ], and some say it is "between" those two

> sounds.  Can anyone tell me, in unambiguous notation,

> what it really is?


Louis Lambert's "A Grammar of Volapük" (1888) says [dz]. M. W. Woods "Volapük Dictionary" (1888) says that it is [dZ], but also that a resolution to change it to [tS] had passed in the Volapük Academy but was not yet in force. Ralph Midgley's Volapük correspondence course (revised Volapük) says [tS].


So, apparently, in original (Schleyer's) language it was [dZ], then it was changed to [tS] and remains so in de Jong's revision of the language.