> Just for the record, like Andreas I'm an ENTJ (78-75-12-44), although
> the particular test I just took probably exaggerates my extroversion
> somewhat.  I've always been a J, though.

ENTJ here, too, only slightly E and J.  It says we (the "Field
Marshalls") are only 2% of the population, so perhaps we're
overrepresented here: three of a couple handfuls of respondants.

The trouble with the I/E questions is that I answer all of them
positively.  Are you content to be alone?  Yes.  Are you comfortable
being the center of attention?  Yes.  You enjoy socialization?  Yes.
You can sit there and read a book alone for hours?  Yes.

Anyway, I'm a little bit skeptical of this whole "parameters" approach
to personality, if I may call it that.  How about an "optimality
theory" of personality: all people have the same set of conflicting
priorities, and we define personalities as different orderings

Of course, these descriptions of Myers-Briggs tests seem to stress
that you're not only T or F (or I or E); it's just that you give one
greater priority and thus it's more practiced.  So maybe my idea isn't
all that original after all.

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