Ray Brown wrote:

> My own two grandsons (noe 10 & 8) were brought up bilingually - their
> father is English & their mother French. The important thing is
> _consistency_ - Mum always spoke French & Dad always spoke English. If
> parents aren't consistent, then the kids will get confused! My wife also
> always spoke in French (tho English, she is a fluent French speaker)

Very true.  It was when my mother gave in on my insistence on adressing
and answering her in Swedish and stopped speaking German to me that my
German started to fall off.  My passive command of German is still very
good, so I qualify as a heritage speaker, but I'm very unsure about
actually speaking German, not to mention writing it (basically I can't
spell!)  Now picture that if it hadn't been for Hitler & consortes my
mother could have been trilingual herself!


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