filip ņuton yawuri:

> ANADEW: |q| is [Ng] in Fijian IIRC.
Yes; that's one of the few inconsistencies in the orthography devised by
Rev. Hazelwood back in the 1800s.

b = mb, d = nd; one would think g = Ng, but no, he chose q. (g is N--I
suspect maybe major Polynesian langs. were orthographized earlier, and they
may have established "g" for N)
c for /D/ is kinda odd too IMHO

Staying on-topic... You'll note I've kashified your name; it could also be
"nuton" if they first heard it from an American...

Teoh: teyo

Benct Philip Jonsson: filip, easy. yon-son, easy. Benct, all but impossible,
sorry: penget [pENgEt]?, peņ [peN]? , pend(a)? of Span. pendi(t,c)o or Ital.
pendeto. Take your pick.

The recent "troll" could easily be /trol/, no meaning yet.

>though I'm also
> rather fond of the spelling pronunciation |newton| [newton] due to its
> containing the moderately-rare-in-the-natlangs-I-know diphthong [ew].
You could be "new toN fi liq" in Gwr, which fits nicely with their system:
Clan, new - Family, toN - given, fi liq