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> a
> couple messages, one of which is here. :)
> On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 22:45:57 +0200, Steg Belsky <[log in to unmask]>
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>> According to the chart i have here:
>> Proto-Semitic » Arabic
>> /T>/ »» /D_g/
>> /K>/ »» /d_g/
>> /t>/ »» /t_g/
>> /ts)>/ »» /s_g/
>> /k>/ »» /q/

> Where can that chart be found?

> Did Proto-Semitic presumably have /ts)/ as well?

What's listed on the chart as _Alveolar Affricates_, even though
they're written with just "s" and "z", seem to have been affricates

> Finally, are there any good Proto-Semitic resources online?
> Thanks,
> Rob
has a Semitic etymological database, along with similar databases for
other language families.

I can send you some PDFs that i've downloaded from
i-remember-not-where, if you want.

-Stephen (Steg)
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