Elliott Lash <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> Looking around some files on my computer, I came
> across an old sketch of a conlang. ...

Woops! :-)

Looking at the sentences, it looks very much like Inuktitut and the
sandhi/mutations look very reasonably (naturally) irregular. :-) But
there seems to be no lexical resemblence, however -- the stems and
also the endings feel like Inuit, but aren't.

Very nice!  I like the feel of this language.

> Vowels:
>  i   u
>   e o
>    a
> (e and o seem rare)

Inuit langs have /a i u/ with [e o] allophones of /i u/ in the
presence of uvulars.  Could it be this?  Or are those really phonemes?

Further, the capital G reminds be of a strange velar phoneme in
Kalaallisut that is written |G| by Sadock.  It is a bit like /k/ but
often behaves strangely in suffixation processes.

Anyway.  Is that lang polysynthetic?  How's it inspired?