Geoff Horswood wrote:

>So how would you express the ideas of "clockwise" and "anticlockwise" in a
>culture that doesn't have clocks?
>-movement of the sun? shadows? -to the left/right? (but is that the part
>closest to you or furthest away?

Using shadows seems great

you may have "shadow rotation" and "non-shadow rotation"

It also depends of what's on the planet: if some species of animals have the
habit of turning in some senses to hunt, fly, or collect meterial or a tree
that grows by turning around something you could have "bird rotation"
opposed to "tree-X rotation"

if the axe of rotation of the planet is inclined enough, it could be the
"shadow rotation" opposed to "sun rotation" because you would have to look
up near 90 to see the sun turning and looking down at your feet to see the
shadow so the rotations would seemed reversed of each other

- Max