Since it takes so long to translate into Qthyng|ai, I only did one:

> My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Stu=k stu=k ryn|y`=uhh!astyxky?

  st     u    =k(x/u)
  class  case  stem
  family VOC   parent
  'oh parent!'

  r          y    n|       y`    =u    hh   !a     sty  xky
  evidence   case class    val   stem   affix affix  stem stem
  experience PRD  movement P*,A* depart cau-3 which? 1    2
  'what causes/caused/has caused you to depart/go away from me?'

  PRD   = predicative case
  VOC   = vocative case

  P*,A* = valence infix: patient and agent incorporated in word

  cau-3 = causative of 3rd person,
          derivational suffix: he/she/it caused _

  which? = suffix for 3rd person pronouns or other referential affix

This is a very explicit clause: it contains pronouns.  In everyday
conversation, they'd probably be left out and the valence would be
adjusted accordingly.  Especially the second person pronoun can easily
be dropped when a vocative is used.

I did not use any tense or aspect modifiers, because I think they are
not the essential port of the sentence.