Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:
> Hi all,
> another plea for advice: as I will surely have to customize the TEI DTD
> for my documents, which are in a somewhat fluid state at present, would
> you suggest that I do that for the current DTD (P4) and consider moving
> to P5 only after the project is complete, or the reverse? Does moving to
> P5 make more sense *now* that I haven't yet finalized the markup?

I've been trying to do my own markup entirely in P5 now.  I've not (yet)
been bitten by using something extensively and then having it change.

> I remember seeing a link to a P4_2_P5 XSL style sheet, has any one tried
> it?

I did ages ago.  I remember that there is a copy of sebastian's stylesheet for
it at:

However, I do not know whether this has been kept up-to-date to reflect changes
in P5 or not.  It certainly does a lot of them like the xml:id and xml:lang


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