Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:

>I know you're going to hate me for this, but I'll go ask anyway: are you
>planning an annotated version of the Guidelines? i.e. one where the
>differences between P4 and P5 are highlighted
no-one has suggested it to the Technical Council yet.
my personal reaction is that it would be too hard.

>(should be not to
>difficult use diff for this purpose) and possibly commented upon by the
>editors? It would be very useful to see at a glance what's changed
>between the two, and you could document/explain changes (useful for
>historical purposes as well), insert huge caveats, etc.
I am afraid it would be _immensely_ hard to do automatically.
The textual differences between the P4 source and the P5 source
are gigantic. most of the underlying ODD markup changed
in the process.

A hand-written summary of the differences written by the editors
would be no bad thing, I agree. Lean on them to write it :-}

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