Paul Tremblay wrote:

>I'm having problems getting a schema for tei5.
I'm probably to blame. I sent Lou some files from Timor
which he checked into CVS,  but he didn't get enough
in to get it internally consistent.

>This command created the documentation and a directory called Schema.
>Inside this directory there was not a complete schema.
no. that builds  a set of schema modules. you always
have to write a wrapper schema to pull them in.
the thing called "tei.rng" is not what you might think,
its just one module.

>Am I missing anything obvious? What do I need to do
use something like this as your schema:

<rng:grammar xmlns:rng=""
  <rng:include href="Schema/header.rng"/>
  <rng:include href="Schema/core.rng"/>
  <rng:include href="Schema/tei.rng"/>
  <rng:include href="Schema/textstructure.rng"/>
    <rng:ref name="TEI"/>

if you want to play with RelaxNG. Otherwise, wait
until the end of May when I can get Roma working
in public 100% again.

I have sent my working material privately
to Lou, Syd, James Cummings and Christian Wittern.
If any of them get it working satisfactorily, they may like
to report so.

I do promise that the revised Roma sitting on this machine
is working properly. If you see tropical storms announced for south east
Asia, don't worry, I am making regular backups :-}

Sebastian Rahtz
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