Hi everyone:

I sent a message identical to this one to the Digital Medievalist listserv a
couple of weeks ago, but I'd like to see what a more general audience
(general in terms of time) thinks about encoding paleographical information.

Feel free to reply to me off-list ([log in to unmask]).


I have a few questions that I would like to ask those of you have, are, or
are considering the electronic editing of [not necessarily medieval]
manuscripts, and the recording of paleographical information about those
manuscripts. I'm working on a project that has a focus on paleographical
description, and I'm very interested in seeing what other projects are doing
on this front. Is there a standard [so far, the consensus is no]? Is a
standard approach to paleographical description possible, given differing
concerns, uses, etc.?

1. First, a brief description of your project.

2. What paleographical information are you interested in? Letter forms,
abbreviations, ligatures, other?

3. What is your purpose for recording these differences? Searching, display,

4. How are you recording this paleographical information? Markup (TEI or
other), entities, Unicode characters, other? Is your stored information
different from that which you use for deployment/display?

I'm especially interested in #4, markup vs. entities, vs. Unicode


Dorothy Carr Porter
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