We are delighted to announce a beta release of teiPublisher, an extensible,
modular and configurable xml-based repository.

teiPublisher was developed to bridge the gap between having a collection of
structured documents that are posted on the Web as static HTML or XML pages,
and having a functional digital repository. This is being done by providing
the tools to manage an XML-based repository which will make available,
search, and browse documents encoded according to any XML DTD.

teiPublisher was designed to provide the administrative tools to help
repository administrators with limited technical knowledge manage their
digital collections. Building on Lucene, an indexing tool, and the native
XML database  <> eXist, the application
provides a range of administrative functions crucial to maintaining a
web-assessable digital repository.

For more information about teiPublisher, as well as download instructions,
please visit our website

As this is a beta release of the software, we are especially interested in
your feedback (detailed instructions for feedback can be found on our
download page). This is an open source project hosted by SourceForge.

On behalf of the teiPublisher development team,

Amit Kumar

Susan Schreibman

John Walsh

Stewart Arneil

Martin Holmes


Susan Schreibman, PhD

Assistant Dean,  Head of Digital Collections & Research

University of Maryland Libraries

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