Hi all,
in the manuscript I am transcribing at the beginning of folio 123r I
find the following:

- on the top right corner a number added by a later hand (123)
- on the first line, somewhat on the right, a roman numeral carrying the
section number (III)
- from the second line onwards the text of the third section.

As I'm using <head> for the section numbers, I proceeded encoding as

<div2 type="section" n="3" id="Elene.3">

<pb n="123r"/>

<add hand="unknown">
  <fw type="fol" place="top-right">123</fw>

<head>·<num value="3">iii</num>·</head><lb n="1"/>

<l n="194"><hi rend="init2.2">Ð</hi><hi rend="cap2.0">A</hi> wæ&lows; on
sælum &lows;ince&lows; [etc.]

But this is not valid markup, it seems that <head> has to go first. What
am I doing wrong?



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  Hige sceal the heardra,     heorte the cenre,
  mod sceal the mare,       the ure maegen litlath.  (Maldon 312-3)