Dear TEI Members,

I am pleased to announce the release of our new TEI and Topic Map based website, which you can view at  Our digital library collection is delivered using a Topic Map, an authority file (MADS), TEI encoded documents, XSLT, and Apache Cocoon.  The result for the online user is a series of "topics" which create a dynamic web of semantic relationships between all of our texts, manuscripts, and images.

We began this undertaking one year ago with Conal Tuohy's good idea and the help of a visiting developer who had extensive knowledge of CIDOC-CRM.  Together we created a working subset of CIDOC as an ontology for our TEI collections, which provided the first piece to the puzzle.

This project is still very much a work in progress -- don't be surprised to find glitches -- so we would appreciate any feedback and/or difficult questions you may have.  I would also be curious to know how much interest there is in this architecture from the broader TEI community, and whether it would merit the long trip from New Zealand to Bulgaria for further conversations in October.


Elizabeth Styron, Director
New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Victoria University of Wellington
P.O. Box 600
New Zealand
Tel:  +64-4-463-6847
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