> Sheesh, as if there hadn't been enough reform proposals
> already.  Heck, even I've done two of those in my early
> conlang days.

Perhaps it's more apropos to ask which conlangers with English as 1st-
lang haven't done this at some point? I did when I was 15.

>     Is there a website with an explicit "master plan"
>     for this concept?  If not, I'd be tempted to write up
>     such a plan.  Maybe with the help of a dedicated
>     Yahoo!Group?

Maybe OPENRITE on YAHOO? I'm not sure of their unstated goal.

>     Argh...  please stop me before I fall for the
>     auxlanger syndrome.  ;o)

Too late. The best that can be done is help you to cope with it -
psych meds, AuxA 12-seto meetings, etc. ;-)