Joe wrote:

> > I've analysed the conditions that led to the humanity and the leading of
> > most of the countries and politics by men. It is a comparision between
>human > civilisations (of european origins and from other independant
>ethnies) and > animals societies (ants, pinguins(those of antartica, not
>from the North > Pole, I think they're both called "pinguins" in english),
>lions, naked mole > rats, elephants..)
>Just to say - Arctic flightless seabirds are Auks, Antarctic ones Penguins.

ho thanks

that's not obvious because in French, the "pingouins" live in Arctic and the
"manchots" in Antartica

And my English-French dictionnary says "penguin" for both "manchot" AND
"pingouin", says "auk" as second translation for "pingouin", and translates
"auk" as "pingouin" AND "manchot", so...

But I'm pretty well sure that some species of those in Arctic (whatever
their name are :-)) fly, may it be for only 5-15 meters and that those in
Antartica are flightless, are always very straight, and walk by balancing
their weight on their feet (what makes them looking very funny!)

- Max
I don't know who chose those names but they could have done better...