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> BTW, I never heard the word "deosil," although I am acquainted with
> widdershins.  "Widdershins" is of Germanic origin meaning "counter-
> course."


> Can anyone enlighten me as to the etymology of "deosil"?

Scots _deasil_ pronounced variously as [di:zl=], [dEsl=], [deSl=] or
[di:Sl=] "sunwise movement" <-- Gaelic _deiseil_ "southward, toward(s) the
sun" <-- _deas_ "right[hand], south" +  Old Irish/Gaelic _sel_ (mod.
Gaelic _seal_) "turning" <-- *swel- (cf. Welsh _chwyl_).

The words for _south_ and _right-hand_ are the same in the Insular Celtic

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> I feel that this topic has been getting increasingly more complex than
> it needs to be.

I agree - I can't help thinking we have really exhausted the topic now   :

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