Kevin Athey wrote:

> I've been playing around with kinship terms for a recent project of mine
> as
> I was trying to sleep last night.  I am aware that there are languages
> where
> there are sibling terms that can only be used for a sibling of an ego of a
> specific gender (i.e. a word that means a sister's sister, but nothing to
> a
> brother, or whatever), and I was wondering if there is any natlang with a
> similar term (actually a pair of terms) for the son and daughter of a
> mother
> (but not a father).

This sounds familiar; I know some Indonesian langs. have various terms for
same-sex and opposite-sex _siblings_ as well as older/younger, but offhand,
your system sounds different. Kinship systems confuse me....:-(((

Check out:

Sometimes it helps to draw a little diagram, using triangles for Fem.,
circles for Male.

> The system I'm thinking of would be something like this:
> A:  son, but only of a female ego (a man cannot have a B)
> B:  daughter, but only of a female (a man cannot have a B)

Do you possibly mean "brother/sister" or "sibling" not son/daughter???

> C:  son of a male ego, son of the ego's sister
> D:  daughter of a male ego, daughter of the ego's sister
> E:  son or daughter of the ego's brother or the ego's in-laws

Those sound rather odd to me...But hey, it's a conworld, no?!!

> Similarly:
> F:  mother
> G:  father, mother's brother, (also probably step-father)
> H:  mother's sister, (also probably step-mother)
> I:  father's brother, mother's sister's husband
> J:  father's sister, father's brother's husband 'tain't legal, except in Ontario, Vermont, Mass. and
Holland!!!! But aside from that (typo?), these sound more common.

AFMCL, my L1 system got in the way, before I'd really thought about the Kash
system.  However, they're only one group on a large planet...